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Welcome to the VapeOn website. VapeOn and its partners, strive to be fully at the service of their customers, by providing them with high-quality goods and services in accordance with the highest possible global standards. In any possible disputes or misunderstandings between VapeOn and its clients, VapeOn undertakes first to seek a mutually acceptable solution to these disputes and misunderstandings. If any of the parties refuse to accept such a solution, the following rights and obligations of the parties shall come into force.



When you visit, browse or use this site, you declare that you understand and accept that the rights and obligations are equivalent to those of a written agreement signed by the parties, and you accept and agree to fulfill the terms of this agreement. VapeOn reserves the right to change these terms at any time and for any reason and if you continue to use this site after such change, this will be deemed a consent and acceptance of the modified terms and conditions of this agreement. Along with these general conditions, all mandatory regulations of the Consumer Protection Act (CPA) and the secondary legislation on its application are fully applicable. By confirming an order on the VapeOn online store, you declare that you are at least 18 years of age and agree to the general sales terms and conditions for any of the FFP OOD products.



In order to obtain the best possible product prices, it is generally assumed that VapeOn is the official distributor of the companies and manufacturers of these products. All products offered on this site are NEW and ORIGINAL by origin.



All goods on the VapeOn site are sold in compliance with the requirements of the CPA, and in particular Chapter V, Section II thereof.



To order goods and products from the VapeOn website, you must be at least 18 years of age, provide a valid email address, valid contact phone number as well as a valid shipping name and address. Personal information submitted to the VapeOn website is protected at the highest possible security level currently in place. VapeOn's team maintains their infrastructure 24/7. VapeOn considers it its duty to promptly apply any development that would contribute to the further improvement of the overall security of the website.

VapeOn assures that personal information, submitted during the purchase process, will be reliably protected. We will not sell or provide your personal information to third parties on any occasion and under any circumstances. We undertake to use this information only in the course of execution and during the final execution of your order, as well as in case of needed assistance for future orders. By default, some authorized third parties involved in payments, delivery and other activities related to the execution of your orders have access to parts of our database that are related to the performing of their duties.

Unauthorized use of foreign credit cards as well as credit card fraud are serious crimes under the Bulgarian law. If such an event occurred, we will be providing full assistance as well as all the necessary data related to the event, if requested by the judiciary authorities or other official bodies authorized to request such information or assistance.



Products on the VapeOn website are only suitable for use by adults. Nicotine solutions have the same effect as nicotine you receive upon smoking regular cigarettes. Electronic cigarettes are electrical products and as such should be used with care and not being handed to minors. The VapeOn team is not responsible for product failures caused by improper use of electronic cigarettes, individual components, chargers and atomizers. The user expressly agrees to use VapeOn products entirely at his own risk and undertakes not to indemnify VapeOn, its owners and employees, respectively, for damages resulting from the products and services used on this website.



Except where expressly stated, all content on this site, including text, graphics, photos and trademarks, is the property of VapeOn, its suppliers or the manufacturers of the relevant products and is therefore protected by international copyright laws.



VapeOn aims to deliver the latest products and the most up-to-date information related to them to its customers. All information related to the goods and services offered on this site is equivalent to those provided by the manufacturers and suppliers of the relevant goods and services and is controlled on a daily basis by both the site's administrators and the relevant staff. However, information relating to the characteristics of certain goods and services on this site may contain some inaccuracies, spelling or typographical errors and obsolete data. VapeOn reserves the right to modify or replace any information, materials, products or services described on this site at any time and for any reason. VapeOn is not responsible and will not accept claims based on typographical or price errors found on this site. VapeOn reserves the right to refuse orders at any time, including orders that contain incorrect prices or erroneous product descriptions, orders that could presumably lead VapeOn to be in violation of applicable laws and orders that VapeOn considers to be detrimental to its or its partners' interests. VapeOn reserves the right to limit the delivery of the number of products or the number of orders from one person made through this site.



All goods purchased from the VapeOn site are dispatched by courier services with which VapeOn has signed contracts. The integrity of the goods at the time of delivery will be under the responsibility of the courier service. VapeOn will not be responsible for cases such as presence of foreign elements, damage to packaging, damage to goods, addition of any element harmful for consumption etc. at the point of delivery. By signing the receipt, you confirm that you have received the goods in the form, quantity and quality corresponding to that of your order from VapeOn.



VapeOn welcomes any comments about browsing and shopping experience in its website, as well as suggestions on improving the content, construction or any other elements of the site. Any comments, ideas and suggestions on content, programming or anything relating to this site will be considered as proprietary to VapeOn and VapeOn will have the right to use, distribute, develop and sell such ideas and suggestions without the explicit consent of their author - in any form, form and technology known now or in the future, and the bearer waives all claims of rights on these ideas and proposals now and in the future.



This site is created and controlled by FFP OOD, registered under the laws of the Bulgarian legislation. Bulgarian legislation will be applied in compliance with these rights and obligations. Any disputes arising out of the operation of this Agreement and the rights and obligations ensuing from it, will be dealt with and resolved by Bulgarian law and all parties expressly agree that they accept the jurisdiction of such legislation.



The consumer is entitled, without due compensation or penalty and without giving any reason, to withdraw from the contract within 7 working days. The user has all the rights under the CPA, to which these general terms and conditions refer.



These rights and obligations, together with VapeOn's own obligations of dispatch, security policy and other similar obligations undertaken by us on this site, constitute the entire agreement between you the client and VapeOn, controlled by FFP OOD, UIC: xxxxxxxxx, address, Mesta 3 Rd, 2850, Petrich