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Night Life Soho 10ml
New Hot 2-3 Days
Night Life Soho 10ml A strictly smoky liquid, combining high quality taste from East and West. Aged Bourbon combined with tones of melted French caramel, fragrant Madagascar vanilla and honeyed pecans make Soho a uniquely balanced tobacco blend that promises a different sensation than us..
7.00лв. Ex Tax:5.83лв.
Black Dot (2x10ml)A special tobacco mix with caramelized nuts & vanilla toppings to fill the bourbons aftertaste. ..
12.70лв. Ex Tax:10.58лв.
Brand: Demon Killer
Raging Fire Ni80 CoilParametersPacking Size: 95mm x 65mm Diameter: φ3.0mm Material: Ni80 Weight: 10g Package Contains: 4pcs of coil wire..
7.20лв. Ex Tax:6.00лв.
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