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Higs Shortfill Bakery 50ml (60ml)

Higs Shortfill Bakery 50ml (60ml)
Higs Shortfill Bakery 50ml (60ml)
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  • Model: Higs Shortfill Bakery 10ml (60ml)
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Higs Shortfill Bakery 50ml (60ml)

The classic taste of cream cake is an ideal solution for those with a sweet tooth. This delicious taste of traditional grandma's pastries will make you look back for the warm, nostalgic atmosphere.

Flavour: Cream cake.
Recommended steeping time: 1-3 days
Origin: England

Higs Shortfill Bakery comes in a 60ml bottle with 50 ml of nicotine-free ejuicе
A completed product that contains all the necessary components.The container consists of 50ml e-liquid.

Note: Product must be mixed with base (with or without nicotine) before use. You can see them here

Refer to the table below for recommended base mix ratios.

Final e-liquid quantityHaving this amount of nicotineRequired baseRequired Nicotine Base 20mg/mlPG Flavour contained in package
60ml0 mg/ml-- ml0 ml10 ml
60ml3 mg/ml-- ml9 ml10 ml
60ml6 mg/ml-- ml18 ml10 ml
60ml9 mg/ml--ml27 ml10 ml
60ml12 mg/ml-- ml36 ml10 ml

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