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FlavourArt Cigar Passion

FlavourArt Cigar Passion
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FlavourArt Cigar Passion
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If you are looking for the taste of a good Cuban cigar, Cigar Passion is the liquid that suits you. It manages to combine the culture of Cuba with the sweetest, incomparable scent, offering you an experience you have never lived before.

Cigar Passion hits you with its rich cigar flavor of  a unique character and soft texture. Its delicate aromas produce steam that creates large clouds reminiscent of a true cuban cigar's smoke. For an even more realistic experience, we recommend that you vape with this e-liquid like you would smoking a true cigar. Slowly inhale and exhale from the mouth or nose without letting the steam get into the lungs.

Cigar Passion is ideal for an all-day vape, without getting tiresome, but also for those special moments or even accompanying a drink letting you taste its strong character and distinct personality.

The steam produced is really smooth and the throat hit is impressive. Try at any nicotine level you prefer. It will pleasantly surprise you offering an unforgettable experience.

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