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FlavourArt Cherryl

FlavourArt Cherryl
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FlavourArt Cherryl
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A juicy and fresh taste comes is now added to our collection. Cherryl is the number one cherry. Bold, delicious and long lasting that will have you believe that you are actually eating crunchy cherries. A cool scent of spring, that travels you to Japan with its blossoming cherry trees.

Cherryl was made for the lovers of fruity flavors. Taste the aromas of juicy black cherries that will cool your palate and sweeten your senses. At each inhalation you will discover a deep hidden taste only for you to discover and enjoy. It is an exceptional e-liquid that will please you to the fullest.

Cherryl is not too sweet so it will not tire you. You can vape it all day and it will satisfy you more and more with every inhalation. Because one cherry is never enough.

If cherries are your passion you will definitely adore Cherryl.

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