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Asylum Joggler Shake & Vape 20ml (60ml)

Asylum Joggler Shake & Vape 20ml (60ml)
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Asylum Joggler Shake & Vape 20ml (60ml)
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  • Model: Joggler Shake & Vape 20ml (60ml)
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Asylum Joggler Shake & Vape - Pudding with candies and biscuits

Inspired directly by comic characters, Asylum Flavor Shots bring the multi-dimensional, intriguing and full-fledged experience of comic book stories to flavors that enchant! Welcome ... to the Asylum!

HA HA HA HA!!!! Joggler's ruthless laughter echoes in the dark Vape City...Joggler escaped from the Asylum and wants a taste of his favorite sweet! A delicate vanilla cream pudding with a sweet candy and biscuit taste and a light cinnamon aftertaste!

His opponent, Badman, smiling, offers you to try it! Are you up for the challenge?

Beware! This may be the last e-liquid you will ever have to try! FOREVER!

A Shake & Vape recipe created by Mygias!

  • Flavour: Vanilla pudding, marshmellows, cinnamon, biscuits
  • Recommended steeping time: 7 days
  • Optimal base composition: High VG (70% VG)

Asylum Flavour Shots Shake & Vape are contained in 60ml Unicorn type bottles.
Each bottle contains 20ml flavour and PG.

Note: Product must be mixed with base (with or without nicotine) before use.

Refer to the table below for recommended base mix ratios.

Final e-liquid quantityHaving this amount of nicotineRequired baseRequired Nicotine Base 20mg/mlPG Flavour contained in package
60ml0 mg/ml40 ml0 ml20 ml
60ml3 mg/ml31 ml9 ml20 ml
60ml6 mg/ml22 ml18 ml20 ml
60ml9 mg/ml13 ml27 ml20 ml
60ml12 mg/ml4 ml36 ml20 ml


  • Packaging: e-liquid 20ml in 60ml bottle
  • Bottle type: Unicorn PET Plastic
  • Nicotine levels: No nicotine
  • Childproof cap: Yes
  • Tamper proof: Yes
60ml container, contains 20ml of e-liquid & pg and it's destined for e-liquid d.i.y. Must be diluted with base before use.



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