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American Stars Blue Magic Shake 'n' Vape 30ml (60ml)

American Stars Blue Magic Shake 'n' Vape 30ml (60ml)
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American Stars Blue Magic Shake 'n' Vape 30ml (60ml)
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  • Model: American Stars - Blue Magic Shake 'n' Vape 30ml (60ml)
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American Stars Blue Magic

Blue Magic from American Stars has arrived at VapeOnBG like a tidal wave of flavors and it has literally blown our minds!

This magical e-liquid combines a wide variety of fruit flavours, such as blue raspberry, strawberry and a tiny bit of cool, icy menthol.

A unique blend for unique vapers seeking to find what magic is all about!


Note: Product must be mixed with base (with or without nicotine) before use. You can find them here.

Refer to the table below for recommended base mix ratios.

Final e-liquid quantityHaving this amount of nicotineRequired baseRequired Nicotine Base 20mg/mlPG Flavour contained in package
60ml0 mg/ml30 ml0 ml30 ml
60ml3 mg/ml21 ml9 ml30 ml
60ml6 mg/ml12 ml18 ml30 ml
60ml9 mg/ml3 ml27 ml30 ml
60ml10 mg/ml0 ml30 ml30 ml


Caution! This product must be diluted with a base before use.
  • In the aforementioned examples, a nicotine base of 20mg/ml is used to perform calculations.
  • If more than 1 nicotine container is used, it is strongly advised to shake mixture well before adding next container.
  • Contained 30ml aroma is assumed of 100% PG manufacturer-wise.
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